Review of the American Roulette Simulator

American Roulette Simulator is a free download for the Windows operating system that you can use to play the classic gambling game of Roulette. The full version has also been released for free download and can be downloaded by anyone. This review will focus on the free version.

american roulette simulator

The American Roulette Simulator software is an interesting project to see how it works on an end. In actual fact, this software is a cross between an online casino and a free online casino, allowing players to make a deposit to get a number of bonuses from special offers.

There are six different bonuses in the roulette simulator, so the playing field is much more open than usual. The bonus process is straightforward and there is no real skill involved with regards to the process. At any time after the bonus period has expired, the player can contact the casino and claim their bonus. The bonuses are split into three categories; Classic, Intricate and Ghost Bonus.

The Classic Bonus is the main bonus category and this rewards players with points based on their deposit. The player can keep these points or use them to have a better chance at winning with a roulette table that is better suited to their skills and preferences.

The Intricate Bonus is also split into three different categories. The first one requires players to play an amount of games on roulette and the second category requires players to play a certain number of hands on the Intricate Bonuses games before they can claim their bonus.

The Ghost Bonus is the last bonus that are offered, and it is split into two different categories. The first one requires players to play three rounds of roulette before claiming their bonus and the second requires players to play five rounds of roulette before they can claim their bonus.

Players will need to play a minimum of ten games in order to claim their bonus and there is a maximum number of seven games that they can play. Once this bonus period has expired, a player can contact the casino and claim their bonus. This bonus can then be withdrawn and then used towards any of the bonuses listed.

As with most gambling games, the true enjoyment comes from the simple system of the bonus process. In fact, players will often use the bonus section as a form of coin flipping strategy that allows them to make a greater winnings. After all, the roulette simulator is just a game of chance.